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Organization Design & Change Management

Most change happens incrementally and with resistance. The hardest part of business transformation is readying key members of your team to plan, embrace, and support innovation by understanding the real reasons behind obstacles and which stakeholders require the most attention. To achieve a high level of end-user adoption, Unbiased can assist you to develop and implement a change management strategy and communications plan consistent with your corporate culture and business goals.

Our team has deep experience in evaluating your organization models, defining skilling needs, designing a new platform and organization model, and helping you execute on all.  We know that most firms have long-standing employees who were perfect fits when brought into the organization but change and time have caused less than perfect skill matches.  While an organization can trade out resources, the preferred method is to help to refocus and retrain strong employees and ensuring alignment with your professional development program.  This alignment is to ensure that your resources “respect” what you “inspect” so they can grow in flourish along with the firm. 

As noted above, change is most effective when linked to a formal professional development program, process, and training.   Unbiased can set up a change-focused professional development program in order to identify future resourcing and leadership needs. As importantly, we help identify opportunities and techniques for skills development and career path advancement.