Law Firm Services

Strategy Execution & Project Management

Unbiased’s consultants specialize in translating business strategy to actionable, actual delivery, to achieve real results.  While law firms internally or externally develop firm strategies, they often do not fully exploit those goals.  Our team helps you translate overall firm strategy to operational strategies.  We take this further by helping our clients to develop specific, task-based execution plans, complete with identifying and documenting tasks, task owners, timeframes, costs, etc.  Once these plans are developed and approved, Unbiased Consulting helps with hands-on delivery.  We help facilitate and complete the actual tasks required to realize the desired strategic plan results.  We drive and deliver the initiatives that result in the firm accomplishing its strategic goals.

Operational Strategy Development

While we do not construct overall law firm strategy, we do help our clients refine practice strategy, whether it is M&A, litigation, IP, ERISA, real estate, labor and employment, wills, trusts and estates, etc. In addition, we develop strategies that support the practice of law, such as pricing, legal project management, matter management, lawyer resourcing and client reporting.

On the operational side of law firms we help develop and execute on operation strategy, including, but not limited to providing consulting and advisory work centered on: information technology; accounting/finance; human resources; business intake and conflicts; marketing; business development; litigation support/eDiscovery; IP operations; information governance; records management, docket, IP docket, etc. We help you develop strategies to optimize the focus and delivery of these “businesses within a law firm”, to ensure greater effectiveness, efficiency, speed and use of scarce investment dollars.

Strategy Execution

Law firm strategic plans serve as the blueprint for thoughtful action.

Your firm may have developed its strategic plan using legal strategy development consultants or leveraging internal resources.

While many firms think the work is complete upon development of the plan, we know the real work is just beginning, as the execution of the strategy is the hard part. Unbiased helps you execute your plan.

Law firm leadership most often have the abilities, but they often do not have the requisite time and experience to focus on planning, structure, delivery, change management and communications, all required to achieve the desired strategy outcomes.

We first help our law firm clients identify the people, process and technology requirements and design a plan, working closely with the Board or Management Committee. We help clients convert their strategic plans to real, measurable outcomes. It’s all about making the plan come to life.

Initiative Planning and Delivery

The key to successful execution is good planning. Unbiased developed and uses a formal method of project planning in which scope, assumptions, risks, milestones and required communications are carefully weighed and balanced against budget, timeline and other cost and resource constraints. We work with our law firm clients to ensure that project team members are aligned with plan; we use a formal process to control change requests prior to additional work being performed.

Program & Project Management

Unbiased consultants are certified Project Management Professionals (PMPs), highly skilled in how best to push projects forward to completion while also managing to budgets, timelines, deliverables and resource constraints. We are often asked by clients to serve in the role of project manager in overseeing the efforts of vendors and internal resources. With backgrounds from Big Four consulting firms, they have experience managing large-scale change programs.