Law Firm Services

Technology Selection & Implementation

Unbiased consultants are expert in system selection. We help our law firm clients identify their business needs and convert these into formal system requirements. We then use our broad and deep knowledge of legal vendors and products to identify those “best-of-breed” candidates that are a best fit to your unique needs. Our consultants are often used to draft Requests for Proposal (RFPs), oversee the analysis and comparison of responses, and facilitate product demonstrations and team debriefings that lead to selection of a finalist vendor/product.

We also implement technology.  Our technology implementation services include one or a combination of the following activities as a supplement to or replacement of internal IT and vendor capabilities:

The key to successful execution is good planning. Unbiased developed and uses a formal method of project planning in which scope, assumptions, risks, milestones and required communications are carefully weighed and balanced against budget, timeline and other cost and resource constraints. We work with our law firm clients to ensure that project team members are aligned with plan; we use a formal process to control change requests prior to additional work being performed.  We also make use of technology to create collaborative workspaces in which members of the project team may communicate and share work product, project schedules and real-time reports of open issues and project status.

Developing technical solutions to business problems is the role of the business analyst. What separates Unbiased from competitors is our deep knowledge and experience with almost every form of law firm legal practice and matter type. Whether designing business process, implementing technology solutions, or rounding out internal IT teams, our consultants will add tremendous value to your process and technology initiatives.

When it comes to process and technology, there is a fine line between capturing too much and performing too little. Unbiased consultants understand what is needed to craft an innovative process or technology solution designed to gather just the right amount of information while also satisfying lawyer demands for simple, easy-to-use and non-invasive processes and tools.

Most legal software applications require some form of design and configuration in order to meet the unique terminology, process and information needs of the client. Unbiased is expert in developing design specifications that capture the right types and amount of information necessary for effective decision-making while, at the same time, crafting a contemporary interface to aid in user experience and system adoption. As a guideline, we often find “less is more”.

Real-time access to metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) is needed to assess performance and spot trends. Designing and building reports and other data delivery mechanisms requires knowledge of data schemas, report writers and graphical design techniques. Unbiased can both educate and support you in identification of data and reporting specifications, design of delivery formats (including graphical design), data extraction methods, and configuration/build of reports and dashboards.

Most software solutions are not “stand alone” but instead must connect with other legal-specific tools or enterprise applications to be useful. Unbiased has much experience in the design and deployment of technology infrastructure and database schemas; we understand the mechanisms need to provide both data and application-layer integration and can advise you and your internal IT team on how best to create a centralized and holistic approach to information management.

Unbiased assists corporate clients in development and execution of a data conversion strategy that is practical and programmatic in approach and painstakingly precise in result. We often oversee efforts in creation of conversion scripts and reconciliation reports and oversee resolution of any data anomalies.

Unbiased can help you develop testing strategies and produce system and user acceptance test scripts designed to provide assurance of data, system and process integrity. We often work with vendors and project team members to oversee pilot group testing and the resolution of any testing anomalies prior to system and/or process “go live”.

Training is more than just teaching people how to use software; its intended purpose and the expected changes in policies and procedures resulting from its implementation must also be presented. Unbiased can help you and your vendors develop a more holistic approach in development of training materials, curricula and tactics designed to reinforce desired behavioral change and ease user adoption.

“If you build it, they will come” just doesn’t work with process and technology deployments. As important as training is, making sure that experts are on hand to assist lawyers as they begin to use a new process and/or software solution paves the path to accepting change. Unbiased works with clients in post-deployment support to ensure expected return on investment is met.