Law Firm Services

Organization Design and Change Management

Most change happens incrementally and with resistance. The hardest part of business transformation is readying your key members of your teams to plan, embrace and support innovation by understanding the real reasons behind obstacles and which stakeholders require the most attention. To achieve a high level of end user adoption, Unbiased can assist you to develop and implement a change management strategy and communications plan consistent with your firm culture and business goals.

Driving change through professional development programs and skills training, are critical to enabling change and continuous improvement. There is often a gap between the required skills and existing competencies. Professionals who support the firm also desire to advance in their careers and want to demonstrate that they are ready. We have long experience in providing traditional professional development programming – typically face-to-face gatherings and webinars. Our legal project management and process improvement courses which can result in certification from the International Institute of Legal Project Management.

In concert with the above, we also are leaders in using state-of-the-art adult e-learning methodologies that are interactive and simulate the live experience. Focusing on participants’ real-world situations, we use blended-learning and coaching techniques that have been demonstrated to result in rapid adoption of new skills and less resistance to change. This approach keeps teams motivated and results in more rapid skill development. Legal project management and process improvement coursework is also eligible for IILPM certification.