Law Department Services

Legal Process Improvement and Practice Innovation

Unbiased drives legal process improvement and practice innovation to enhance the effectiveness of service delivery (by practice group or matter type), optimize business or administrative processes, identify the best targets for operational and practice efficiency, and build the skills of your internal process improvement resources.

Through these services we accomplish the following:

  • We empower your team to make positive changes in their daily work
  • We lead process improvement projects that reduce cost, increase productivity and make you more competitive
  • We help you build your internal capacity with our unique Train-The-Trainer program
  • Learn to be innovative in delivery of legal services

Process mapping, Lean, Six-Sigma and Agile concepts, tools and techniques will help you visualize your workflows and redesign your processes to:

    • eliminate stress points and bottlenecks
    • increase your efficiency
    • allocate your resources more effectively
    • create a more agile, productive, profitable organization