What Are The AI Possibilities for Law Firms

ee Emma Cueto’s Law360 article on “What Are The AI Possibilities For Mid-Law?””

Law360 Pulse (January 31, 2024 9:55 AM EDT)

Dan Safran, Unbiased Consulting President/CEO, said ““People are so enamored with the technology, saying, ‘We need to use AI.’ What you need to do is to find areas where you’re inefficient. Then you look at whether AI can help solve those issues.”

Safran went on to say,

Safran went on to say,”Almost every firm has had some sort of discussions or conversations or something to, one, try to educate themselves on this technology and, two, try to see if it’s applicable. I’m not convinced that being a large firm gives you a competitive edge here.”

Unbiased Consulting works with law firms to help understand how Generative AI and other technologies and automation can help drive efficiency and productivity to support the practice of law and the business of law.

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