Law Firm Services

Business Operations Assessment and Improvement

Unbiased Consulting focuses on law firm operations improvement through increased efficiency and effectiveness and cost reduction. The results are accomplished through organic change as well as via mergers, acquisitions and integrations. In all cases, our consultants deliver real, measurable improvements that significantly reduce waste and improve economics.

Business Operations Improvement

Unbiased’s consultants are “Lean” certified, modifying and adopting the Toyota Production System methodology in development of legal “best practices”. We focus on eliminating waste (“Muda”) to improve cycle time, reduce cost and speed client delivery. We can teach you to do the same. Document creation, negotiation, execution and sharing are processes at the heart of what lawyers do. Unbiased works with clients to identify, streamline, and automate these workflows in ways that exploit efficiency and reduce time, cost, and risk of work product delivery.

Our operations assessment and approval services span:

  • information technology/IT; 
  • accounting/finance; 
  • human resources; 
  • business intake and conflicts; 
  • marketing; 
  • business development; 
  • litigation support/eDiscovery; 
  • practice support;
  • IP operations; 
  • library/legal research;
  • information governance/records management;
  • knowledge management;
  • legal project management;
  • pricing;
  • docket;
  • IP docket;
  • lawyer work request management;
  • print/copy center (in and outsourcing);
  • mailroom (in and outsourcing);
  • paralegal management; and,
  • legal assistant and lawyer support management.

We help you assess and improve these operational components of the law firm to ensure greater effectiveness, efficiency, speed, and use of scarce investment dollars.

Merger/Acquisition Integration

The law firm market continues to see an increase in acquisitions, mergers or so called, “combinations”.

While firms typically determine and document their strategic goals and desire outcomes, Unbiased finds that results fall short of actual outcomes.

Most firms focus on the people side of practice integration and do not focus as much time on areas such as: practice process integration to take advantage of scale and subject matter efficiencies, practice support staff and process integration.

Outside of some focus on finance, IT and business intake for Day 1 launch, most firms do little to plan, design, structure and develop both change management and communications programs to structure, launch and measure outcomes.

There are always constraints on firm leadership time, experience, and focus in seeing the integration through to its fullest capabilities.

We help you to take advantage of the true outcomes desired by your combination through regimented structure, detailed planning, and program management, agreed design, working closely with firm leadership, change management and communications, and final execution.

We help you attain the outcomes that you desired on the outset of your combination.