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Risk Management Assessment & Planning

Managing risk has always been of high interest to law firm leadership and executive teams. Unbiased Consulting can help you identify and reduce risk across a wide swath of business operations. Our ability to establish processes in quick identification and triage of risk management profiles and associate them with appropriate technology support solutions reduce risk to the organization; this includes issues of cybersecurity risk, general business risk, ethical risk, loss prevention risk, lawyer assignment risk, client risk, and financial risk.

While Unbiased Consulting advises in a broad variety of risk mitigation methods and processes, few topics capture law firm leadership’s attention more than the seemingly limitless ways in which cyber criminals can attack a law firm’s systems, and more importantly, the critical business information that your clients have entrusted to you. 

As law firms hold a great deal of valuable and highly-sensitive information on behalf of their clients, they become high-value targets for cyber criminals. Hackers consider most law firms to be owned by wealthy lawyers, so firms can also be prime targets for ransomware attacks. The growing number of threats and mind-boggling types of attacks that ‘bad actors’ can throw at a firm can be quite disheartening. Add to that the challenge of getting very busy, highly-mobile lawyers to follow cyber-security best practices, and you have a perfect storm of risks and consequences. Most law firm leaders will admit privately (or publicly) that the threat of a major cyber attack is one of the things that keep them up at night.

While there is no silver bullet to solve this problem, responding to these threats requires a multi-pronged defense strategy which includes well thought-out policies, state-of-the-art technology, strong partnerships with security service providers, continuous security-awareness training, and a mature incident response process.

Unbiased Consulting provides senior level business and technology consulting and advisory experience to law firms in all of these areas.  Headed by the former CIO of one of the largest law firm’s, with direct experience in this area, we know the key elements that should be present in security and information-use policies.

We have direct experience with many of the most capable cyber-defense technologies available in the marketplace.  Our specialist team conducts on-going cyber-security awareness training and are well versed in incident response planning and testing via live tabletop exercises.

Our team, which partners with the leading cybersecurity delivery companies in the legal market, together, conducts ‘managed phishing’ attacks on law firm email systems and identify the user IDs of lawyers and staff who are most likely to fall victim to these attacks.

Our consultants and strategic partners have been active in information security for law firms, defense contractors and other commercial businesses for decades. We have been on the front lines of recovering from some of the worst cyber attacks in law firm history. We know how to focus the attention of your technical staff in ways that will get the most benefit from your cyber-security spend.

Whether it is helping you to define your requirements and vulnerabilities, working with your team to develop incident preparedness and remediation plans, designing “real-life” cybersecurity scenarios and campaigns, and performing table top exercise to train your teams and improve reaction times and results, we can help reduce risk to your firm.