Planning and Saving – Law Firm Real Estate and Office Space Cost Savings Opportunities

Whether you are looking to uncover your real estate cost savings potential or launch a program to move or modify your Office Space, Unbiased Consulting provides seasoned law firm professionals with “boots on the ground” experience who Manage Costs, Expectations and Timelines when working with your internal and external teams.

Law firm Real Estate challenges demand law firm perspective and experience.

Unbiased Consulting provides Best Practice Management at each phase in securing resources and managing the overall program, budgets and timeline to meet your firm’s expectations.  Our holistic approach includes:


We get the “lay of the land” by reviewing and assessing current lease obligations and related documents. We meet with your Executive and Senior Management teams to discuss their observations around use of office space and concerns that they have in terms of supporting the firm and attorney expectations. We focus on what has changed during the Pandemic in terms of acceptance of telecommuting, changes in process, practical considerations for long-term office sharing, and relevance of office locations. We determine who best to engage in the process and how to leverage Real Estate industry expertise to your advantage.


We compile the input from your firm leadership to create a hierarchy of needs as well as critical issues that need to be assessed and resolved prior to making Leasing or Real Estate changes to your existing office environment. We then propose program options and timelines to address these needs and move forward with key Real Estate decisions.  Options include: (1) Audit of your lease terms and operating expenses, (2) Portfolio planning and(3) Office remodel or relocation.


Unbiased Consulting guides your team through each step in your Real Estate program with an understanding as to who to bring into the process and when.  Details may include managing Brokerage services to assist you with leasing decisions, Architects to provide the design and detailed plans for a new or remodeled office space, as well as Construction, Engineering and AV firms to act on your plans.  Unbiased Consulting ensures that everyone is focused on your financial and cultural priorities throughout the process.