Quidlibet Research, Inc. associates with Unbiased Consulting, LLC to Help Law Firms Improve Legal Research and Law Library Management Delivery Services and Reduce Costs

The United Team Now Offers Differentiated Solutions for Insurance & Risk Management Audit and Cost Reduction

Unbiased Consulting, LLC is pleased to announce its integration of the Legal Research and Insurance and Risk Management practices of Quidlibet Research Inc. with Unbiased Consulting, effective March 25, 2021. 

Together, law firm clients can now take further advantage of operational efficiencies in legal research and law library operations as well as auditing of insurance and risk management solutions,  with the potential for significant cost reductions in all areas.

These new services supplement Unbiased Consulting’s continuing contractual cost reduction services spanning real estate, technology, telecommunications, total print management, outsourced middle and back office, and contract review and negotiation services.  Unbiased Consulting’s services now span virtually all areas of law firm contracted spend.

Dr. Nina Cunningham, Founder, President and CEO of Quidlibet, began her practice 30 years ago to focus on the developing interest in building private law firm libraries.  The field of law librarianship grew in this period and as a new law librarian, Nina found a niche.  Her practice grew to encompass the growth of online legal research services and the eventual conversion of many libraries to sizable holdings in electronic format.  Nina made way for each new transition and by 1990 began a specialization in legal research cost reduction and law library reorganization that continue today.  Nina also supports Unbiased Consulting’s new auditing practice in the auditing of contracts in Insurance & Risk Management.

“I am excited to officially take on the role of Senior Advisor, working closely with the Unbiased Consulting team”, said Nina Cunningham, president and CEO of Quidlibet.  “While I have been working closely with Unbiased’s leadership and consultant team for years, our joint clients can benefit from our  mix of integrated operational improvement and cost reduction services.”

Dan Safran, president and CEO of Unbiased Consulting said, “Nina has faithfully served the legal market for many years, improving legal research and library efficiency and delivery, while significantly reducing law firm costs, for many dozens of law firms, over her career.  She is a fantastic asset, not only to our organization, but more importantly, to our legal clients who are continually focusing on improving  operational and cost effectiveness”.

Quidlibet Research will continue to be the vehicle for Dr. Cunningham’s work with ALM legal publications which began in 2012.  She serves as contributing editor to the newsletter, Cybersecurity Law & Strategy.

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