Unbiased Consulting, LLC Helps Legal Organizations Improve Client Service Delivery, Enhance Business Operations and Leverage Technology Solutions

May 15, 2020

Unbiased Consulting, LLC Helps Legal Organizations Improve Client Service Delivery, Enhance Business Operations and Leverage Technology Solutions

Unbiased Consulting’s independent advisory and project execution services span both business operations and legal practice support.

Unbiased Consulting is an independent consulting/advisory firm that is focused on helping law firms and law departments improve client service delivery, enhance business operations, and leverage technology solutions.  Our hyper-experienced team and broad spectrum of service offerings span both “business of law” and “practice of law” disciplines, including cost management and revenue generation activities and functions.

Unbiased Consulting advisors are project focused and hands on. We are expert at “project distancing”, delivering our services remotely for law firms and law departments of all sizes, geographic location and practice competency.

This business launch has been timed to take advantage of ongoing legal market disruption and upheaval, as well as to help legal clients weather the economic downturn that is a result of COVID-19.  As disruptive change is afoot, the Unbiased Consulting team can help you to establish strategy and direction, prioritize work approaches, develop plans and execute initiatives.

Unbiased Consulting president and CEO Dan Safran said, “As law departments and law firms strive to work more collaboratively and efficiently, we have responded to market demand for non-traditional and integrated people, process and technology solutions.   Our clients want to perform legal services better, drive operational excellence and manage costs.”

“Legal industry dynamics are quickly changing and lawyers, whether operating as in-house or law firm counsel, have to improve their service delivery model”,  said Scott Rosenberg, Unbiased Consulting’s Managing Director and Corporate Counsel.  “Our team fills this need by offering solutions to better manage risk, reduce spend (or improve profits), increase process efficiency and team collaboration, leverage lawyer know-how, and prove value.”

Unbiased Consulting’s team of business leaders, former practicing lawyers and experienced consultants have worked with over a thousand law departments and law firms to help them strengthen process, optimize resources and leverage technology to better manage the delivery and consumption of legal services.

About Unbiased Consulting, LLC.

Unbiased Consulting, LLC is a legal industry consulting/advisory firm offering guidance and tactical know-how to corporate law departments and law firms in areas spanning the business of law and legal practice support (including cost management and revenue generation).  Unbiased Consulting helps its clients to better perform legal service, drive operational excellence, and optimize technology use.

For more information, please contact Unbiased Consulting by phone at 312.967.6317 or via email at info@UnbiasedConsulting.com.  Visit www.UnbiasedConsulting.com.

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