“What Tech-Savvy General Counsel Know That You Don’t: From Digital Naïve to Digital Native” – A Law Department Guide to Modern Technology

By Scott Rosenberg – Unbiased Consulting

For global general counsel, the proper administration and development of IT make up an area of management oversight which needs both focus and understanding. Technology continues to gain importance for legal departments as a primary instrument for ensuring collaboration, sharing knowledge, achieving efficiency, controlling cost, mitigating risk, measuring performance and promoting value. Those who are willing to integrate technology tightly into legal and operational best practice processes typically see the greatest return on investment.

Our “What Tech-Savvy General Counsels Know That You Don’t: From Digital Naïve to Digital Native” eBook shares practical suggestions and considerations for the leaders of legal departments as they work to better leverage law department IT. This eBook offers questions to ponder for general counsel investing in any modern-day IT platform, including:

  • Why is it essential that the general counsel be tech-savvy?
  • What does the chief legal officer need to do know about law department IT?
  • What should be the payback for IT investment?
  • How can IT be leveraged to mitigate risk, share knowledge, create process efficiency and control cost?
  • What should a modern-day IT platform look like? Should legal applications be located on premises or in the cloud?
  • Can a single product do most of what’s needed?
  • What are the best methods for integration with other systems?

This law department technology focused eBook goes on to address key topics related to implementation:

  • Deploying information technology to promote business transformation
  • Ground rules for successful technology project initiation
  • The role of the corporate IT department in the budget and implementation processes
  • The role of vendors and consultants
  • An example of the technology maturity model

Authored by Unbiased Consulting’s Scott Rosenberg, “What Tech-Savvy General Counsels Know That You Don’t: From Digital Naïve to Digital Native” is now available. The law department technology eBook is based on an excerpt from the book “General Counsel in the 21st Century: Challenges and Opportunities” ©2005-2016 Globe Law and Business Ltd.) to which Rosenberg was a contributor.

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