Mid-Law Firms Weigh How To Retool Offices For Attys’ Return

See Emma Cueto’s timely Law360 article on Mid-Law Firms Weigh How To Retool Offices For Attys’ Return.

Law360 Pulse (January 28, 2021, 4:38 PM EST)

Dan Safran, Unbiased Consulting President/CEO, weighs in with his view that law firms need to move quickly to re-engineer and redesign their real estate portfolio, in advance of office re-openings.

“Safran argued that firms should be making these decisions now, before attorneys return to the office.

‘In my mind, law firms are going to do work to try to attract their people back into the office … because if the law firm doesn’t provide any incremental value over better technology or better collaboration [over working remotely], they’re going to have a fight on their hand in terms of getting people to return,” he said. “We’re trying to get firms to [focus on this]. This is the time to do it.'”

Read more about Unbiased Consulting’s work helping law firms to redesign office space, while also evaluating real estate cost savings.

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