Unbiased Consulting to Feature at ACEDS on Wednesday July 20th

Unbiased Consulting’s own Scott Rosenberg, joins with industry veterans, Mike Quartararo, President of the Association of Certified E-Discovery Specialists (ACEDS), and David Rueff, Chief Client Solutions Officer, Baker Donelson as they discuss “Deploying Project Management Principles to Enhance Efficiency and Drive Growth”.

Legal project management (LPM) has become a critical tool in the legal professional’s toolbox. Law departments regularly identify this competency as a key criteria for their outside counsel, and, as demonstrated by the Corporate Legal Operations Consortium, are also recognizing the value of the approach to streamline their own operations. Consistent application of LPM techniques can result in improved relationships, enhanced team coordination and communication, efficiency, innovation, and successful outcomes. This program will provide an overview of LPM for both emerging and seasoned practitioners, examples of how it is actually being implemented by legal professionals. Join us for this informative program that will change and improve how you approach legal projects in the future.